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MIRAIT Technologies Myanmar is a values-driven organisation delivering products and services that are leading edge and tailored to each client's needs.


Sales Division, Engineering Division and General Affairs Division.
MIRAIT Technologies Myanmar is a national telecommunications and ICT infrastructure construction and maintenance provider, with an established reputation within the Myanmar telecommunications industry for technical expertise, professionalism, quality and reliability.
Projects by MIRAIT Technologies Corporation in Myanmar
MIRAIT Technologies Corporation has delivered a range of projects within Myanmar. Projects such as ODA Project for ISP Installation for Myanmar Telecom and Mobile phone communication construction projects for MPT-KSGM, Huawei and NTT Communication, demonstrate the organisations technical delivery capability.
With a focus on design, construction and maintenance of communication facilities, MIRAIT Technologies Corporation is actively contributing to the ongoing development of engineering resources within Myanmar and the evolution of the Myanmar telecommunication network. MIRAIT Technologies Corporation also actively collaborates with local partners, with the aim of developing the IT Engineering and Service sector.

Name : MIRAIT Technologies Myanmar Co., Ltd. (MTM)
President : Hiroyuki Matsumoto (Mr)
Office : Head Office in Yangon, and Operational Office in Mandalay
Head Office Address : Olympic Tower, 2nd Floor No.201, Bo Aung Kyaw Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon
Operational Office : No. 28 Salain Block 902, Bet 78th and A-Line ThidaAye QTR
Established : February 1st, 2016
Scope of Business : Construction, Designing and Maintenance for Telecommunication
Facility, Construction work for mobile communication equipment
Shareholder : 100% MIRAIT Technologies Corporation
Employee : 100 staff
Web Address : http://www.miraitmm.com

Mirait Technologies Corporation
MIRAIT Technologies Corporation has been in operation for over 50 years, having delivered high-impact projects in more than 60 countries, it has contributed to the evolution of communications network infrastructure around the globe. A leader in communications network design, construction and maintenance, MIRAIT Technologies Corporation has delivered over 10 million home passes of FTTP, FTTN and FTTB within Japan, and is a long term delivery partner to Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT) Japan, the 3rd largest telecommunications provider in the world. With decades of expertise in the construction, operations and maintenance field, MIRAIT Technologies Corporation services approximately one quarter of the entire Japanese telecommunications infrastructure market.
Yangon Head Office
Olympic Tower, 2nd Floor No.201
Bo Aung Kyaw Road, Kyauktada Township
Mandalay Office
No. 28 Salain Block 902, Bet 78th and
A-Line Thida Aye QTR, Mandalay, MYANMAR
Tel : +95-2-76294
Group Companies
MIRAIT Holdings Corporation
MIRAIT Technologies Australia Pty. Limited
MIRAIT Technologies Asia Pacific Representative Office